Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will I get my items?

After successfully running the Clash Royale Hack, they should usually be with you within a few minutes. This is the standard for when you use the hack tool and the most common outcome. Although, please do take into account large traffic periods on rare occasions. This is uncommon but can happen so it’s a fair warning in advance to take into consideration. In this scenario, it could take around 24 hours for the process to complete.

Q. How many times can I use the tool?

Great news! It’s completely limitless for how many times you can use the tool. We are against limits as a core feature of our visions for the hack tools we create. We hate limits in games, so we aren’t inserting them in our tools. You can use it whatever way suits you best. If you feel like bulking up on items to generate, then you are able to do so. But you can also take it slow and generate smaller amounts and come back for more later if needed. We do recommend to get as much as you can in one transaction though. The reason for this is that it can help you to avoid any traffic problems.

Q. Does it cost to use?

Again, no! We are free to use. The beauty of this tool is how open it is for anybody to give a try. We understand the worries of the public with offers like this. Paying for things you don’t know much about online can be dangerous in any situation. This is another reason why it’s great that we are free. There are no risks to using us as you won’t be handing over any payment details to us at any point.

Q. Is any software required to run the tool?

No, there will be no necessary downloads to run the tool. This is all processed via our website in which it hosts the tool. Random downloads are another mysterious danger of the internet. In many situations you don’t know what is in the software you download. Malware is a constant threat to all your devices if you aren’t alert. But fear not, we are download free and it will be staying that way too!

Q. Can my account get banned using this?

We have developed this tool to make sure game developers cannot detect hacking of any kind from our end. Rest assured that your account will not receive any sanctions. Our encryption keeps you private from the eye of those wanting to make you pay for your enjoyment of the game.

Q. I can’t see my issue answered anywhere, what can I do?

In this situation it is best to head over to the Contact page and reach us for expert support. We know the ins and outs of what can be wrong with the tool. This page is here for more convenience and some of the more popular asked questions. We are more than happy to deal with problems that don’t appear on this page, on our About page, or anywhere else on the website.