Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page is to alert you to the policies that we follow to keep rules in place. There are procedures and terms that we need to keep in line for this to stay a safe place for everyone to use. A warning to the potential group of abusers out there who will do anything to break this tool further. As you should always, keep your wits about you. Follow everything we lay out for you and you should be fine. With a bit of experience you will learn how to easier avoid people and places you can’t trust. We hope this page serves as a good starting point to that.

We are strict when it comes to commercial exploitation of this tool. Under no circumstances will we allow there to be advertisement of anything we own. Without permission, this is not something we will allow from us.

This hack tool is up and running for one reason only, to exploit the system of Clash Royale. Nothing more, nothing less, we are achieving that goal. We aren’t looking to support complex endeavors into everything surrounding hacks. We are always happy to support the evolution of what’s possible, but sometimes we can’t go forward. Some things are wide from our terms and conditions, or some might not be of interest.

We forbid the use of this tool to harm somebody’s identity. You can have all the fun you want with it as long as it’s not damaging to another’s account. If you are guilty of breaking these rules, you find yourself barred for life. It would be a huge shame to receive a ban over something easy avoided.

We don’t have full control over how you use the hack tool. This has never been the case and it never will be. We would like to try you all to use it in a responsible manner. Unfortunately there will always be the minority out there. They are the reason pages like this exist in the first place. They are a pain, but they’re needed to make sure everyone is following procedures correct.